Take Action on Setting Targets

Staff has recommended a preliminary GHG reduction target of 36% below 2005 by 2020 to be used in the analysis of potential actions. The targets are going before Oakland's City Council on July 7th. Later this fall, they will go back to council with the final target recommendations as well as recommendations for measuring, monitoring, reporting back, and potentially annual targets. Clean energy advocates should start talking up the need for these additional aspects now.

Give Public Comment on July 7th
Please join us at Oakland City Hall for the July 7th Public Works Committee meeting. It starts at 6:30p and the item will proabbaly come up around 7:30p. We are going to meet up at 6:45p in front of City Hall. If you live in Oakland and are able, please do plan to come. People living in other cities are also encouraged to come in solidarity and to express their gratitude that Oakland is taking this on.

Email jeff@baylocalize.org to let us know you are coming and to get important updates on this action.

If you are unable to come, please email or call.

For emails we strongly recommend that the Subject Line be something like "Support Aggressive Targets for Oakland Climate Action with Annual Minimum GHG Reduction". We think the best emails are short and original. It could be just several sentences borrowing from the talking points below and saying why it is important to you. On your email, please "cc:" both cityclerk@oaklandnet.com (so that it gets into the record) and dave@baylocalize.org so we can track the campaign.

If you call, please email dave@baylocalize.org to let us know so we can track the campaign.

Talking Points:

  • Public Works is to be commended for considering a preliminary target GHG reduction that would be among the most aggressive in the nation if adopted.
  • Oakland's Climate Action Plan needs to have a comprehensive plan for measuring, monitoring, and reporting back progress towards goals. We suggest annual report backs.
  • The GHG emission reduction goals need to updated based on an annual review of the latest science
  • Most importantly, Oakland needs an annual minimum GHG emission reduction target. It's one thing to establish an aggressive target and quite another to make steady progress towards that target. We certainly don't want a situation where reductions are minimal in the early years with the expectation that most of the reductions will be achieved (e.g., through some new technology) towards the end of the period. We need an aggressive annual minimum GHG reduction target.

You could also send a fax or call the influencers and Oakland City Council.

Key Policy Shapers
Susan Kattchee Environmental Services Manager email 238-6382
Garrett Fitzgerald Sustainability Coordinator email 238-6197
Scott Wentworth Energy Engineer email 238-3984
Ada Chan Councilor Kaplan's Policy Aide email 238-7083
Zach Wald Councilor Brunner's Chief of Staff email 238-7001
City Council
Jane Brunner 1st District email 238-7001
Pat Kernighan* 2nd District email 238-7002
Nancy Nadel* 3rd District email 238-7003
Jean Quan 4th District email 238-7004
Ignacio De La Fuente 5th District email 238-7005
Desley Brooks* 6th District email 238-7006
Larry Reid 7th District email 238-7007
Rebecca Kaplan* At-large email 238-7008


* = Public Works Committee members

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