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We are the Bay Area’s foremost membership organization working at the local, state, and national level to promote a clean energy future through the development and democratization of local renewable energy resources. We see these resources as key to addressing climate change, advancing social and racial justice, and building sustainable and resilient communities.
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CHECK IT OUT: Community Choice, Community Power Video!

Check out a new video, created by Tree Ring Productions, highlighting the great work of the Local Clean Energy Alliance in promoting community-based energy! 

Earth Society Foundation Honors Local Clean Energy Alliance's Jessica Guadalupe Tovar

On March 21, the Earth Society Foundation honored 20 champions of the environment from around the world at the annual celebration of Earth Day on the Spring Equinox, commemorated with the ringing of the Peace Bell at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  Local Clean Energy Alliance organizer, Jessica Guadalupe Tovar, was honored for her role in the establishment of East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), Alameda County’s new Community Choice energy program, and securing the commitment of the new public energy agency to prioritize local clean energy resources and community benefits. Jessica joins the ranks of past honorees such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Human Rights Activist, Rigobertha Mechu Tum; legendary folk singer and environmentalist, Pete Seeger; and renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead.

Laney College and Local Clean Energy Alliance Present: Build a Green Future at Laney College!

The future will be more efficient and powered by clean energy. Your future could help make that happen!
Join us on April 17th to:
  • Tour Laney’s green building labs
  • Hear from students, faculty and Mark Hall at Revalue.io, an Oakland-based energy efficiency company
  • Learn about East Bay Community Energy, Alameda's new Community Choice program that has committed to creating clean energy jobs

You spoke up for Local Clean Energy on March 21st, 2018!

On March 21, around 30 community members from across Alameda County spoke up for local clean energy at the board meeting of East Bay Community Energy, the County’s new Community Choice energy program.

Sneaky CPUC Resolution Passes despite Huge Statewide Opposition

Around fifty people from all over California gathered February 8, 2018, at 8:30 am in San Francisco to protect Community Choice from interference by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). There were two issues before the CPUC that represented major power grabs by that agency.

Community Choice 101 for HOPE Collaborative Youth

On December 19, 2017, Local Clean Energy Alliance organizer, Angela Scott gave a Community Choice 101 workshop to youth at the HOPE Collaborative in Oakland. The HOPE Collaborative works to support community-driven, environmental changes that reduce health inequities within the most vulnerable communities of the Oakland flatlands. The organization is is a new member of the East Bay Clean Power Alliance, the Alameda County-wide alliance advocating for East Bay Community Energy, the County’s new Community Choice energy program, to be centered on community benefits.  
During the opening Clean Power to the People bingo icebreaker, one young man’s question, “What is energy democracy?” set the stage for the workshop. 

Community Choice Energy Under Attack - Save the Date, February 8, 2018!

On Friday, December 8, 2017, the California Public Utilities Comission (CPUC) abruptly proposed to expand its oversight over Community Choice programs and impose a two year delay on programs that do not file implementation plans over the Christmas holidays, by Dec. 31, 2017.

Click here to have a LETTER SENT TODAY on your behalf telling Commissioners adn members of the State legislature that Resolution E-4907 is an abuse and overreach of the CPUC's regulatory authority and should be retracted. And plan to come join the protest rally at the CPUC in San Francisco the morning of February 8th - more details to come!

Rally Against AB 726 Sneak Attack

Upwards of thirty-five East Bay residents, representing a number of community organizations, gathered for an impromptu noon-time rally in front of State Senator Nancy Skinner’s office on Wednesday, September 13, during the last week of the legislative session.

The rally, called by the East Bay Clean Power Alliance, was to protest AB 726 (and a nearly identical AB 813), which would have created a de facto freeze on Alameda County’s new Community Choice energy program, East Bay Community Energy, set to deliver power to residents and businesses in mid-2018.

Public Banks Power Local Renewables

Approximately 20 percent of banks around the world are public, meaning they are controlled by a government body instead of private investors. Unlike most banks in the U.S., public banks are managed to support local lending within their jurisdiction and invest within the community to maximize local public good. Instead of being driven by short-term profits to shareholders, decisions regarding public banks are generally in the interest of the public. Profits generated by public banks, which comes mostly from the interest paid on loans, are utilized to lower interest rates and make banking accessible to a broad spectrum of customers in the community across various income levels and social standings.  In Germany, public banks have been largely responsible for the tremendous growth of local, clean energy resources.

On September 25, 2017, the Local Clean Energy Alliance teamed up with the Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland to host Wolfram Morales, Chief Economist at the East-German Savings Bank Association, Sparkasse, for a community forum at Oakland’s City Hall. The presentation detailed the connection between the benefits of a transparent, local banking system and the ability to procure democratically-controlled clean energy.


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