Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign

Join us in calling on Oakland City Council to support local clean energy development and clean energy jobs through an East Bay Community Choice energy program.

Community Choice energy, provided for by AB 117 (2002), enables cities and other jurisdictions to choose where the electricity provided to their residents and businesses will come from. This means that local communities can decide to procure their electricity from renewable energy sources: either by purchasing renewable electricity on the market, or more importantly, by developing local renewable energy resources in the community. Under a Community Choice energy program, the incumbent utility company (PG&E) continues to deliver electricity and service customers.

Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Jobs, and Community Benefits

Community Choice energy is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impact of climate change by cutting energy consumption, switching to renewable energy sources, and building local renewable electricity generation. By developing local clean energy resources, Community Choice programs can spur local economic development in the community, provide good local clean energy jobs, offer competitive electric utility bills and price stability, reduce pollution, and provide other community benefits.

Now is the Time

The East Bay is ripe for a Community Choice energy program. Marin’s program is up and running and Sonoma County and San Francisco have recently taken steps to make Community Choice a reality. The mayors of Berkeley, Albany, and Emeryville, as well as Mayor Quan, have expressed an interest in exploring a partnership to establish an East Bay Community Choice energy program. A strong expression of support by Oakland, which represents about a quarter of the electricity use in the East Bay, is essential to move this forward.

The Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland campaign has the goal of establishing, in conjunction with other East Bay cities, a Community Choice energy program for Oakland that provides to residents of our city the community benefits mentioned above. The campaign is currently focusing on reaching out to community organizations and to City Council members about the benefits of a Community Choice program. Now we are building momentum toward our goal.

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Campaign Documents
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East Bay Community Choice Energy: From Concept to Implementation
, February 2014

Campaign Technical Backgrounders
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Campaign Toolkit
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Links to a number of references on Community Choice energy

Learn about the campaign and learn how you can help by coming to a meeting of the campaign organizing committee.

What: Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland organizing meeting
When: Wednesday,  July 8, 2015
Where: 7th Floor Conference Room, 436 14th St. (at Broadway), Oakland
RSVP: Carlos Zambrano (