The New CPUC Must Work for Californians, not Corporations!

(11/2021) Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign needs your help in fighting for the safe, reliable, worker and community controlled energy system we all need!  

The California Public Utilities Commission holds enormous power over our energy future- everything from broadband and water, to regulating PG&E and the other Investor Owned Utilities. And now, after an unexpected resignation, Governor Newsom has to appoint the next President of the powerful Commission. 

To win the future we all need, and end PG&E's reign of terror on Californians lives, we need a CPUC President who will provide leadership to fix PG&E's failures, value the lives of Californians over the profits of corporations, and drive towards our future clean, renewable energy system without delay. 
We've authored a letter to Governor Newsom to demand he appoint a President who will follow through, and we are collecting organizational signons. Can you sign on for your organization? Can you spread the word, to get as many organizations to sign on as possible by Friday, November 19th? 
You can read the letter and sign on to it here: