Watch the Recording: From East Bay to New Mexico, Community Power Against Nuclear Energy

(12/2020) As part of the continuing battle to keep nuclear energy out of East Bay Community Energy’s power mix, Local Clean Energy Alliance hosted a webinar, From East Bay to New Mexico Community Power Against Nuclear Energy, on November 12, 2020. In case you missed it, you can now watch: Leona Morgan, a Diné activist fighting uranium mining; Jill Zamnek from a San Luis Obispo anti-nuclear organization Mothers for Peace;  Robert Gould President of the SF Bay Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Dan Hirsch, President of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, an organization that focuses on issues with nuclear power. 

If anyone had questions about why nuclear power is not a good option for a sustainable, clean energy future, these four presented plenty of compelling reasons. The webinar was followed closely by an EBCE staff decision on November 18, to abandon its second proposal; to add PG&E’s nuclear energy as a way to maintain the carbon-free Brilliant 100 product. This was likely due to Hayward City Council’s unanimous decision on November 10 to keep nuclear out of Brilliant 100.  City of Hayward makes up 80% of EBCE’s Brilliant 100 load.