Letters to the Editor

We need a statewide letter-writing campaign against PG&E's Proposition 16 to make sure that newspaper editorial boards give a NO recommendation and also get the word out the electorate.

Below is a sample letter. Please send a letter to your local newspaper. For tips, see Writing an Editorial. When you send your letter, please forward a copy to localenergy (at) baylocalize.org. Thanks!


Opinion Editor


PG&E is spending at least $30 million to push through a ballot measure in June that would choke off community choice of greener electricity options statewide. How many of your readers know this is a corporate power grab without precedent?

PG&E-funded Prop 16 is a scheme to embed the private monopolies of investor-owned PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E forever into the people's State Constitution. It would abuse the initiative process, thwart consumer choice, block alternative paths to low-carbon electricity and local control of energy, sabotage prospects for major greenhouse gas reduction and green jobs, lock us into PG&E’s volatile, polluting energy portfolio, and hamstring municipal utilities in adjusting service territories. No wonder the League of Women Voters, Sierra Club, and many cities and towns and businesses and newspapers are opposing the measure.

Think about it. No other companies in California have a
constitutionally protected monopoly. What’s to stop other wealthy corporations from similarly buying constitutional protection from competition if PG&E’s big-bucks campaign for Prop 16 succeeds?

"Vote NO on Prop 16" should be top priority for California's voters and ratepayers. Because it's the ratepayers' money PG&E is spending against the public's interest and against cleaner energy options.

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