Community Choice Energy


What is Community Choice Energy?

A Community Choice energy program enables cities and counties to procure electricity and reduce energy consumption for residents and local businesses. In this way, communities decide where their electricity will come from: whether to purchase electricity on the market, or more importantly, to build local renewable energy resources in the community. Under a Community Choice energy program, the utility company (PG&E) continues to deliver and service the electricity.

What would be the main benefits of a Community Choice energy program?

Community Choice energy is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impact of climate change by cutting energy consumption, switching to renewable energy sources, and building local renewable electricity generation. By developing local clean energy resources, Community Choice programs can spur local economic development in the community, provide good local clean energy jobs, offer competitive electric utility bills and price stability, reduce pollution, and provide other community benefits. It can serve as a significant step towards a more resilient and sustainable economy.

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