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The Local Clean Energy Alliance is the Bay Area's largest clean energy coalition, with 90 affiliated member organizations, including environmental, business, social equity, and community groups, working for a clean energy future in the Bay Area. The Alliance sees the development of local energy resources as key to growing sustainable business, advancing social equity, and promoting community resilience.

The Alliance recognizes the importance of all communities, especially those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, benefiting from a clean energy economy.

The Alliance promotes the development of local decentralized energy systems, which integrate energy demand reduction and local renewable generation. We believe that it is through the combination of these energy resources that communities can achieve their full greenhouse gas reduction and climate adaptation potential while enhancing local economies, providing clean energy jobs, and improving community health.

The Alliance was instrumental in the grassroots defeat of Prop 16 (PG&E’s power grab in 2010), is active in energy/climate efforts on both sides of the Bay, and has been a leader in redefining the meaning of renewable energy in the Bay Area.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Local Clean Energy Alliance is to promote the equitable development and democratization of local renewable energy resources as key to addressing climate change and building sustainable and resilient communities.