#BuryPG&E- Check out our Op-Ed in the San Jose Mercury News!

(08/2021) Just days after PG&E started the Dixie Fire which has now grown to the size of Rhode Island, they pulled what is a pretty typical move for the criminal utility: distract, propose false solutions, and build a path to ensure profit for shareholders.

 CEO Patricia Poppe announced a plan to put 10,000 miles of transmission lines underground. Well, we at Reclaim Our Power know that their expensive, shortsighted, PR and investor driven plan is a mistake. 
Reclaim Our Power's Shaina Nanavati and Mari Rose Taruc co-authored an Op-Ed to the San Jose Mercury News saying exactly that- and it was printed in their Sunday edition on August 8th! Check out the Op-Ed here, and please share it out on social media! 
(You can also catch Reclaim Our Power's Mari Rose Taruc on KPFA radio here, talking about the Dixie Fire, and here on a press conference with Last Chance Alliance climate activists connecting the dangers of trusting fossil fuels and energy to investor owned corporations.)