Friday June 21 - Protest the PG&E Shareholders Meeting in San Francisco

Are you willing to pay $50 more per month on your utility bill to keep a criminal like PG&E in business?


First they burn us with wildfires, now they seek to burn us with higher utility rates!
Come join the No PG&E Bailout to expose PG&E Shareholders at their annual meeting June 21,
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WHEN: Friday, June 21, 9:00AM-1:00PM
WHERE: 77 Beale Street in San Francisco (off Embarcadero BART)
  • Memorial for victims of Deadly Wildfires at 9:00AM
  • Program and Protest 10:00AM - 1:00PM with speakers, theater, music and more!
We have many reasons to expose PG&E’s gross criminal acts and demand Public Accountable Power:
  • No bailout for criminal corporations
  • Protect workers, worker pensions, fire victims and utility ratepayers
  • $2 million shameless bonuses to departing CEO after the Camp Fire
  • $4.5 billion profits to shareholders and nothing to wildfire prevention and debts--shameless!
  • No more rate hikes that lead to utility shut-offs that literally leave families in the dark!
  • We need community controlled, democratic, clean and safe energy!


In January 2019, PG&E filed for Chapter 11, which is bankruptcy protection so that they don’t have to pay their debts to the deadly wildfire victims.  The California Public Utilities Commission is enabling PG&E to get away with adding a charge on our bills that essentially is a bailout PG&E from their debt.  There is no bailout for struggling ratepayers.  Now is the time to fight back!
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