Cancel PG&E! San Francisco Action For Our Energy Future

(07/2022) Hundreds of Californians killed. Millions left without power. Billions of dollars in damages. And PG&E's CEO and wall street investors are still raking in huge profits, while our bills are going up.

We need a new energy future, beyond PG&E, one that centers the lives of the Black, brown, disabled, low income, and other communities punished the most by this deadly, dirty, extractive, expensive energy utility.

San Francisco Supervisors are joining with Reclaim Our Power to lead the way toward a safe, reliable, affordable, renewable, worker and community controlled energy system.

Join us for a press conference and hearing where Supervisor Chan will lead a resolution calling on Governor Newsom to #CancelPGE and initiate Golden State Energy, the democratic alternative to California's utility nightmare!  

Cancel PG&E! San Francisco Action For Our Energy Future
Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 9:15 AM
San Francisco City Hall, Polk St. Steps

Will you join with us and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Thursday, July 7th at San Francisco City Hall at 9:15 am for our Cancel PG&E press conference?

San Franciscans, like all Californians, have been punished by PG&E’s smoke, shutoffs, and skyrocketing bills as deadly fires rage across our state. PG&E is even going out of their way to block affordable housing development in the City! We know that Black, Indigenous, low income folks, and people with disabilities have disproportionately experienced the effects of compounding crises, but Governor Newsom and his administration has balked at taking real action to stop the terror and build the community controlled energy system we all need.

Now, San Francisco is demanding a change. On July 7th, San Francisco Supervisor Connie Chan is joining Reclaim Our Power to pass a resolution demanding Governor Newsom take action - reject PG&E’s License to Burn, reject their failing wildfire plans, and begin the process to build our worker and community controlled energy future. Governor Newsom, it’s time to Cancel PG&E, and initiate Golden State Energy!

We’ll be there sharing stories of the impact that PG&E has had on our communities- and what our energy future could look like if Governor Newsom stepped up and invested in the people of California, not the corporations that have profited off our pain. Will you join us?

What: San Francisco Says CancelPG&E Press Conference

When: 9:15 am July 7th, 2022

Where: San Francisco City Hall, Polk St. Steps

What: Join Reclaim Our Power and the SF Supervisors as we demand Governor Newsom Hold PG&E Accountable and Initiate Golden State Energy!

What’s in the resolution, and why now? Two things:

  1.     PG&E has submitted another horrifically shortsighted wildfire plan, that is mostly about convincing the state to fund the most massively expensive, slow, and disruptive solution - burying power lines underground - instead of investing in local, community controlled renewable infrastructure. Newsom’s regulators have already said this plan has flaws, but they may still pass it in the coming weeks, burdening us with huge costs - and huge fires- for years to come. Our demand is for Governor Newsom to reject PG&E’s plans and stand up for the people.
  2.     We can’t waste any more time waiting to build the future energy system after PG&E fails. That’s why we’re calling for Governor Newsom to initiate Golden State Energy - an entity that already passed the legislature in 2020 to take over when PG&E fails. Since then the plan has sat idle, while PG&E has burned down our state and raised our rates. Our demand is to allocate $1 million dollars in the $300 billion California State Budget to start the planning process. We’ll say this: “California must begin planning now to ensure that workers, environmental justice communities, people with disabilities, and other impacted communities are at the center of this transition to a renewable, safe, reliable, affordable, energy provider.”

For our lives, our livelihoods, our lungs - there’s no time to waste. San Francisco is stepping up - we hope you’ll join us in the streets on Thursday July 7th, and in the fight for energy justice in the weeks to come!

Pete and the Reclaim Our Power Team

PS. Want to help us build a beautiful action? Join us for a banner making party on Wednesday, July 6th at 5pm at the corner of Harrison and 15th in downtown Oakland! Contact if you want to join!

PPS. See our tweet thread with more info on undergrounding here!