Clean Power to the People Workshop - Early Actions for Local Development

Since the November 1, 2018 launch of East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), millions of dollars of revenue that used to go to PG&E will remain in Alameda County.  The next phase of our advocacy, starting now, is to ensure that EBCE delivers on promised benefits over the next two years, particularly with respect to the early action items in the Local Development Business Plan (LDBP).
Accordingly, we have researched, analyzed, and prioritized 9 of the 12 early action items in the LDBP based on their potential to provide community benefits to the communities that often get shut out of the clean energy economy. 

In addition, Local Clean Energy Alliance held a workshop on November 15, on four specific early actions for local development:  Community Shared Solar; Energy Efficiency; Community Investment Fund and Community Net Metering. 
  • Community Shared Solar is a way to provide solar for those who do not own their roof or cannot afford to go solar.  An example of this could be a solar cooperative, where many individuals own a share by investing and participating with their vote on the governance of the cooperative.
  • A Community Innovation Fund would provide both money and staff help to energy-related projects proposed by community organizations, like solar cooperatives. 
  • Energy Efficiency incentives such as, “on bill repayment” would create new savings to pay toward  energy efficiency upgrades to your home.
  • Community Net Energy Metering, is a policy that would allow nonprofits to solarize their own buildings and produce local solar that can be sold to EBCE.  it is way for EBCE to aggregate projects to reduce costs, maximize benefits and then purchase local clean energy to provide true clean and affordable energy to our East Bay communities.
We anticipate that this winter, these four actions for early development will be at the center of our advocacy and organizing.  In order to combat climate in a way that puts justice at the center, we cannot rely on corporate market solutions and we cannot continue to be rely on shifting the burden, particularly onto low income and people of color.  We need you to advocate for a local clean energy future snf to bring, “Clean Power to the People.”