Meet LCEA New Voices Are Rising Fellow Christie Fok

(04/2022)  Hi! My name is Christie Fok and I am the Climate Resilience Hub Fellow with the New Voices are Rising Program (NVAR).

I first started my environmental justice journey in the summer of 2021 with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) in their summer APEN academy. I learned about environmental and social justice issues like the Chevron Oil refinery and particularly, climate resilience hubs.

After the APEN Academy, I wanted to deepen my involvement in environmental justice and became an APEN Youth Intern.

During my Junior year, I met a classmate who was also involved with environmental justice with the Rose Foundation. Soon after we met, she shared with me an opportunity to be a Fellow in the New Voices are Rising program.

The Climate Resilience Hub Fellow position piqued my interest because climate resilience hubs are empowering, allowing our communities to reclaim our power to protect and remain resilient against natural disasters. 

So far, my favorite part of the fellowship is the community. I love hearing my peers’ creative ideas and collaborating on innovative projects with them. I also love learning from my externship host, Jessica Tovar. Jessica has taught me about energy equity, electrification and decarbonization of our homes and transportation systems, and life lessons. I am so grateful to my peers and teachers, and I hope that I can continue with this work to help our communities progress towards a green and resilient future.

Christie Fok is a Junior at El Cerrito High School. When she is not working with non-profit community organizations; she is part of her school’s Breakfast club and bakes every Sunday.  She is also the secretary of the Spanish club and recently started Dragon Boating!