Our bills are going up!? PG&E has to go down

(03/2022)  Did you notice?

After causing the second largest wildfire in history, shutting off power to thousands, poisoning the lungs of people across the state, and being called a “menace” by a federal judge, PG&E actually raised your utility bill this year. Twice already!  

And, to add insult to all of those injuries- they are at it again, demanding another rate increase to line the pockets of PG&E’s Wall St. investors.

Will you join us and our allies in demanding that Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission reject PG&E’s rate increase? (Click here to join our twitterstorm with TURN and other allies today, March 17th!)

We already pay the highest rates in the country for our electricity, and in the midst of a pandemic, with skyrocketing costs for housing, food, childcare, and all the things we need to live full dignified lives, this vile corporation is asking us to pick up the tab for their repeated failures. This has to stop.

Meanwhile, PG&E is aggressively attacking the very things that will get us to the future we all need: attempting to undercut rooftop solar, fighting against community investments in Black, Indigenous, people of color communities, and continuing the lie that there is no alternative to their reign of terror.

And what do we get for that increased bill each month? PG&E claims they’ll use the money for “safety improvements”, but what we’ll really get is a doubling down on the dangerous, centralized system that has left our lungs aching and our wallets empty.

But let’s be clear- the true protection that our communities need will not come from simply opposing rate increases. As long as PG&E still has a right to control, plunder, and mis-manage our energy system, we’ll never get to the affordable, safe, reliable, resilient, and equitable energy future we all need.

Governor Newsom and hisCPUC need to show us they’re serious about standing up for Californians–not PG&E. They need to reject these proposed rate increases, reject PG&E’s business license, and pave the way for a decentralized, renewable, community and worker controlled system.

Will you:

Join Reclaim Our Power, TURN, and our allies on lifting up our demands? (This links to our allies collective toolkit- including memes!)

Call in to the workshop on March 22nd at 2pm and tell the CPUC how this rate increase will impact you and your family, and to #CancelPGE?

Provide written public comment to the CPUC to stop the rate hikes and end PG&E’s stranglehold on our energy system?

The Governor and the CPUC need to support the people of California, not this murderous corporation. We cannot allow PG&E to keep its stanglehold on our energy system. Our public officials need to stop these PG&E rate increases and lead towards the energy future we all need.

To justice,

Pete and the Reclaim Our Power team