PG&E Shareholders Meeting Protest highlights WildFire Deaths & Bailout Opposition

The No PG&E Bailout Coalition staged a demonstration outside PG&E Headquarters at PG&E’s Annual Shareholder Meeting. Eighty-five shoes were laid outside of the PG&E Shareholders meeting representing the lives of those killed in the Camp Fire last Fall, which was proven to be caused by PG&E’s neglected transmission wires. As PG&E shareholders entered the building, they were greeted by a moving memorial where a list of the names of the victims were read by activists from the No PG&E bailout group and a flower placed in each shoe, as each name was read.
The demonstration continued for three hours with passionate speakers, lively chants & a PG&E crimes against the People activity.  Speakers from Greenaction, The Utility Reform Network (TURN), Democratic Socialist of America, IWW Environmental Union Caucus, Idle No More, New Voices are Rising youth group and many others participated in leading chants and words against PG&E’s deadly wildfire bailout, where the ratepayers would bear the brunt of the debt meanwhile PG&E continues to do to stay in business.
“Now is the time to advance safe, reliable local clean energy solutions that don’t rely on a deadly and costly matrix of wires and distribution. While we mourn the victims of the wildfires, we demand no mercy on PG&E and call for an energy system change that does not further burden ratepayers,” said Jessica Tovar of the Local Clean Energy Alliance.
See San Francisco Chronicle coverage: "PG&E shareholders approve new board amid protests outside"