Save California Local Solar Incentives - Oppose NEM 3.0 Proposal

(12/2022) On December 15th, Governor Newsom’s California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will likely vote on a utility-backed proposal that would effectively kill rooftop and community solar, while jeopardizing the state’s clean energy and environmental justice goals. You can learn more watching this short video:

Take Action Now:

   1) Sign this Petition
Take action today by signing this petition and sending letters to the California Public Utilities Commissioners (CPUC) at

   2) Call the Governor (he appoints the CPUC commissioners)
Tell his office to stop the local solar killer proposal known as “net energy metering 3.0.”  We need to increase incentives for solar to build local wealth, create clean energy jobs and meet our climate goals at the same time.
Phone Office of the Governor: (916) 445-2841111

   3) Call into the CPUC on Dec 15 at 11am
To get on the queue to speak call in BEFORE 11 am:
Dial (800) 857-1917 passcode: 9899501
Press *1 right away to record your name/organization with the operator to be on the speakers list.
To watch the webcast online: (note there is a delay, so if you are on the phone waiting to speak, you should mute the video sound).


Local Clean Energy Alliance in the News regarding Net Energy Metering

Watch the Press Conference:
Passcode: F&5@X4u&
To donate to the Local Clean Energy Alliance: