Take Action: Newsom: Reject PG&E's License to Burn!

(01/2022) In our fight for energy justice, 2022 has begun where the last year ended- fires and failures of our energy system. But in the next couple weeks, Gavin Newsom has the opportunity to turn things around- and move toward an energy system that works for all of us.

You can take action above, and join our Twitterstorm today, Jan 20th!
PG&E was found liable for the cause of the Dixie Fire, the second largest fire in California history. We already knew that this corporate monstrosity caused the fire that wiped Greenville off the map and filled our lungs with smoke- but CalFire’s report comes at an important time, as PG&E’s safety certificate, or as we call it, their “License to Burn” is up to be renewed or rejected by February 10th.
What is the “License to Burn”? It allows PG&E to continue it’s deadly, dangerous ways while avoiding the costs and consequences of their negligence that has burned our families down. With the License to Burn in hand, PG&E can bail themselves out to the tune of 1.1 billion dollars in damages from the Dixie Fire- money that comes right out of our pockets. The License to Burn needs to be rejected, and Newsom has his chance to do so in the next few weeks.
This all happens while PG&E and other corporate utilities have struck an enormous blow to our ability to build a new energy future- by undercutting California’s rooftop solar program. They’ve lobbied and convinced the CPUC that they- Wall St. corporations- should be in control. Here too, Newsom has a chance to stop PG&E, push for solar investment that will protect low-income, Black, Indigenous and people of color communities, and push for the distributed energy future that we need.
And last week, the Governor announced a budget with billions of dollars in our clean energy future- but every one of those investments runs the risk of retrenching power in the hands of a corporate boardroom, not in the many hands of the people of California. Newsom can push to ensure that every climate investment- from microgrids and resilience centers, to local clean energy production, is controlled by the community, not the corporations.
It’s a big month for the future of California, and for the Governor’s energy justice legacy. He has to act, and act now.
  • Reject PG&E’s License to Burn
  • Protect and expand rooftop solar, especially for low-income, BIPOC communities
  • Use the state budget to invest in community controlled climate solutions, free of corporate control.
  • And remember to join our Twitterstorm at 12pm today! All the info is here.  
  • We’re out of time to start building our energy future- and Newsom needs to step to the plate.
To justice,
Pete and the Reclaim Our Power Team
PS. What’s next? Join us on Feb 1st for a virtual press conference to demand the Governor act now! Register here.