URGENT: Stop the Legislative Coup Against Community Choice!

A legislative Coup against Community Choice is underway, and not over by a long shot. Even some of our allies in the Legislature don't understand the damage they could do by supporting nearly a dozen bills that would undermine the autonomy of Community Choice energy programs and their ability to best serve our communities.
It is crucial that we explain to our state representatives--directly and urgently--that the cumulative impact of these bills is to weaken Community Choice, our best vehicle for addressing climate chaos while placing electricity resources under local control.
For the full list of problematic bills, go to the Legislative Alert page for California Alliance for Community Energy.
This Week's Key Bills -- Please take action before Thursday, to Oppose the Following Bills: 
Bills in the Assembly Utilities and Energy (U&E) Committee: 
  • SB 155 – This Bill increases CPUC control over Community Choice. The Committee has set a hearing date of June 26.
  • SB 676 – This Bill prevents Community Choice agencies from developing EV programs. The Committee will hear this bill also on June 26.

Here's a Sample Letter

I am writing to urge the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee to oppose [ bill #]. This bill will [ use the argument for each bill, as given above]. 
Community Choice is our best alternative to the rigid, failed, old-style top-down energy system of the monopoly utilities. These bills would take California backward, harming the progress we have already made toward clean, locally-controlled renewable energy solutions. Please do not weaken Community Choice in this way – please Oppose this Bill. 
Thank you, [ your name ]
Email Addresses -- Here are email addresses of the energy staffers for each member of the Assembly U&E Committee. Please cut and paste the addresses from this list into your email letter:
The full list of U&E Committee members, with their phone numbers and energy staffers, is available on our the Campaign page for California Alliance for Community Energy. 
Please take action TODAY, by calling or submitting letters to protect Community Choice.