California? No Fracking Way!!

The extraction and burning of California's Monterrey/Santos oil shale deposit would set back by 80 years the targeted reduction of carbon dioxide under the state's Global Warming Solutions Act.*

This was but one of many revelations provided on February 26, 2013 by leaders of the growing opposition to fracking in California. With up to 15 billion barrels of oil estimated to be in California’s Monterey/Santos shale formation, fracking--the latest and most environmentally destructive oil extraction technology--is set to boom in our state.

* See Doing the Math....

Appearing at the Feruary meeting of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Rose Braz, Climate Campaign Director at the Center for Biological Diversity spoke about fracking's threats to California's water and air, public health, climate, and endangered wildlife. Her presentation described fracking technology and the dismal absence of regulation in California.

Andrew Grinberg, Program Organizer at Clean Water Action, spoke on the growing movement against fracking in California. He pointed to the inadequate draft regulations being put forward by the state, the large number of regulatory bills in the California legislature, and the momentum building for a moratorium or ban on fracking in California. An engaged audience weighed in on possible political strategies and organizing tactics for addressing the issue.

With the state moving quickly to develop regulations that will allow fracking to continue with inadequate oversight, organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity, Clean Water Action, and their allies are mobilizing the public with their call for a halt to this dangerous practice. Let's join this effort!

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Rose Braz:  
Center for Biological Diversity
415-436-9682 ext. 319

Andrew Grinberg:
Clean Water Action