Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference 2012

Energy Solutions for the 99%

The 3rd Annual Conference of the Local Clean Energy Alliance

Thursday, May 10, 2012 (doors open at 8:00 am)
California Endowment Conference Center,
1111 Broadway, 7th Floor, Oakland CA

(Also by live video stream)

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The Local Clean Energy Alliance is proud to announce the 3rd annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference, where we promote a clean energy economy as a powerful way to address the economic development, employment, and health needs of Bay Area communities. See the Conference Program.

“It has been some time since I have participated in a conference/meeting as relevant and as purposeful... I was completely amazed at the high level of enthusiasm and interest in clean energy, local power, environmental justice and empowerment of local communities.”

Pedro Rosado,
District Representative,
Office of Senator Loni Hancock

Over the past year a number of initiatives have emerged that challenge the utility-scale central-station model of electricity development in favor of more decentralized generation. These range from Governor Brown’s call for 12,000 MW of California distributed electricity generation by 2020, to efforts to promote “community solar” projects, to growing interest by many cities and counties in Community Choice energy programs, to greater advocacy by municipalities and regional governmental for reducing energy demand and generating local renewable energy.With few prospects for a national plan to reduce greenhouse gases, local communities are leading the way to equitable, clean energy solutions. The San Francisco Bay Area, with its strong grassroots advocacy organizations and many renewable energy initiatives, is in a unique position to provide local clean energy leadership.

Nevertheless, Bay Area communities seeking equitable, sustainable energy solutions are confronted by a number of political and economic obstacles. These challenge us to pull together behind a local renewable energy development plan for the region. Movement in this direction has already been initiated under the auspices of the Joint Policy Committee (of the four Bay Area regional planning agencies). For this effort to succeed, local communities and grassroots organizations have a decisive role to play.

The questions of who controls energy and for whose benefit are increasingly central to addressing the economic and climate crises of our communities. We need an equitable energy solution that addresses the needs of the 99%.

The 3rd annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference will convene advocates, stakeholders, decision makers, and entrepreneurs promoting clean energy and healthy communities in the Bay Area. The conference is meant to build greater involvement of communities in reducing energy demand and promoting local renewable energy. It is also meant to provide regional coordination and collective responsibility around a Bay Area local clean energy action plan.

•    What’s at Stake for Bay Area Communities?
•    Bay Area Energy Initiatives
•    Programs and Policies that Change the Game

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