The Bay Area is incredibly well-positioned for a transition to a local clean energy economy, perhaps more so than any other region in this country.

Local Clean Energy Alliance Policy Priorities

Our policy priorities are:

  1. Energy efficiency and demand reduction in a way that promotes equitable energy efficiency upgrade programs, broad-based and affordable financing mechanisms, and pathways for local residents into clean energy jobs.
  2. Local renewable power generation to benefit our communities. We advocate for policies such as  feed-in tariffs, which promote community-scale energy generation, and for programs that provide energy financing and ownership for low-income communities.
  3. Community Choice energy programs that emphasize the development of local renewable energy resources.

We are coordinating efforts to mobilize East Bay residents, businesses, and organizations around a regional agenda that creates green-collar jobs, reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and brings affordable, clean energy to our communities.  We need your energy, connections, and support. 

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