Demand a Nuclear Free East Bay Community Choice Program!

(03/2020) We need Community Clean Energy not False Solutions to Climate Change! Join us at the next East Bay Community Energy Board meeting on Wednesday, March 18 to tell our city representatives that we demand they reject PG&E’s nuclear offer! East Bay Clean Power Alliance advocated for a Community Choice program as a path to a clean energy future we need for our communities. Nuclear being pitched as, “carbon free energy” to fight climate change is a false solution.  This is how investor owned utilities (like PG&E) bamboozle true clean energy efforts.

There is no market for this nuclear energy.  PG&E doesn’t want it and in the midst of public scrutiny during these massive bailouts and bankruptcy court battles, it’s in their interest to save face. So what better way to get rid of their undesirable nuclear energy--by dumping onto it’s competition--Community Choice programs.  Our own EBCE CEO has pitched this as “free energy,” but it's not free and it is not cheap.  PG&E with help from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created a mechanism known as the PCIA (Power Charge Indifference Adjustment) which is essentially charging Community Choice customers for leaving PG&E.  PG&E uses this money to subsidize it’s own Diablo Canyon nuclear energy.  Yes, our money was taken from us to pay for this energy and benefit PG&E!  It costs about $1.25 billion per year to keep Diablo Canyon open and both Community Choice and PG&E customers are forced to pay for this! Sounds like one of many PG&E bailouts! If Diablo Canyon were to be shut down sooner than the 2025 date, PG&E could no longer charge us for it in the PCIA.
This whole system was designed to be confusing for us and to financially serve corporate interests--this is an outrage, but we are fighting back!
Join us in demanding that East Bay Community Energy reject this PG&E offer and defend their community by investing in fighting the PCIA increases that are expected to go up this year!
East Bay Community Energy board meeting:
Wednesday March 18 at 6:00pm
Hayward City Hall 
just across from Hayward BART
For more information contact:
Jessica Tovar 415-766-7766
Ceyda Durmaz Dogan 203-916-3490

Check out the recent news coverage on this issue that features Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguin and Jessica Tovar of the Local Clean Energy Alliance: 

Call Your City East Bay Community Energy Representative!
Actions to take before the March 18 EBCE board meeting
Call your EBCE city representatives and tell them you demand they reject PG&E’s nuclear energy!
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