Local Clean Energy Alliance Takes On Legislation

Bills pending in the 2013 California Legislature relevant to local clean energy issues

You can get information on any bill before the California Legislature and track its progress by going to California's legislative information page.

Bills in last year's (2012) California Legislature relevant to local clean energy issues

Assembly Bills

AB 1990 (Fong)
Title: Renewable energy resources: small scale renewable generation program (Solar for All Initiative)
Summary: Provides a community-benerits feed-in tariff program to promote 375 megawatts of small-scale renewable energy projects in disadvantaged communities in California by 2020.
Current status: Passed the Assembly on a 49 to 27 vote. It now moves to the Senate.
LCEA position: LCEA supports AB 1990.
Links for more information: LCEA letter of support, read more
AB 976 (Hall)
Title: Public contracts: consulting services: Community Choice aggregators
Summary: Bill prohibits a person, firm or subsidiary that has been consulted about the feasibility of creating a Community Choice energy program from submitting a bid to do work implementing that program.
Current status: Failed to pass out of Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications committee 5/15/2012. Re-considered June 11, 2012. Passed by an 8-1 vote. Moves on to the Senate appropriations Committee.
LCEA position: LCEA strongly opposes AB 976 as it creates a huge impediment to the creation of Community Choice energy programs. 
Links for more information: LCEA letter opposing AB 976, action alert
AB 2514 (Bradford)
Title: Net energy metering
Summary: Requires California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to complete a study by June 30, 2013 to determine whether rate payers serviced by net netering are paying the full cost of services provided to them by electrical companies and their share of the cost of public purpose programs. The study will also determine the benefits of net metering.
Current status: On the Assembly floor.

LCEA position: LCEA strongly opposes AB 2514 as amended on the assembly floor on May 1, 2012. This amendment inserts language into the bill that nullifies a recent CPUC decision on how "aggregate cutomer peak demand" should be calculated. The CPUC ruling effectively doubles the cap on net metering encouraging roof-top solar installations, and is in line with the original intent of the term.

Links for more information: LCEA letter to the California Assembly opposing AB 2514

Senate Bills

SB 843 (Wolk)
 Title: Energy: electrical corporations: city of Davis PVUSA solar facility: Community Based Renewable Self-Generation Program
Summary: Sometimes referred to as a "community solar gardens" bill, it provides for a form of virtual net metering for California. Virtual net metering is a way of extending the benefits of net metering to utility customers who are renters, or do not have appropriate on-site location for hosting solar PV panels. Customers can purchase a portion of a shared solar PV facility (or other renewable energy facility) and receive credit for their share of the electricity generated as if it were generated on their own property.
Current Status: Amended April 30, 2012 (Solar Gardens web site has the latest version of the bill including amendments.)
LCEA position: As written and amended, SB 843 would not promote the development of community-based renewagle electricity generation, but would favor large developments owned and operated by solar service providers. SB 843 would need significant changes to be promote community-based renewable projects, or community solar gardens.
Links for more information: LCEA's analysis of SB 843.