Let’s Keep East Bay Community Energy Nuclear Free!

(04/2020) The East Bay Clean Power Alliance has worked hard to advocate for the establishment of policies and the implementation of a local Green New Deal through East Bay Community Energy.  Community Choice energy programs alone do not represent our most vulnerable and most fierce community organizing on the ground—we advocate and organize for East Bay Community Energy to do better.  Of course, we cannot continue to do this alone—we have been winning, but at this moment, we also have a lot to lose.

Right now, we need your help to fight East Bay Community Energy from accepting PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear energy which is expected to be on the April 22 agenda taking place via Zoom conference.  
What we need you to do now to fight PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear energy in EBCE:

1. Save the Dates—very important East Bay Community Energy meetings on video conference

2. Sign and Share this Petition www.tinyurl.com/KeepEBCEnuclearfree2020

3. Social Media is one of the the best communication tools we have during this shutdown, so please like and share this posts:
4. We should be seen and heard before April 22—Take a selfie photo and post on your social media
  • Make a sign or print this one “Keep East Bay Community Energy Nuclear Free!” and take a photo holding it.
  • Upload your photo into your social media, then cut this text and paste the text into your social media
  • Don’t let PG&E dump it’s nuclear energy on our East Bay Community Energy program! Sign & RT petition @LCEAcleanenergy tinyurl.com/KeepEBCENuclearFree2020 #poweredbyEBCE #NuclearFreeEBCE #NuclearFreeCCA #CleanPowertothePeople #EnergyDemocracy #NoPGEBailout

✔ EBCE’s Covid-19 Relief Community Grant Due TODAY Wednesday April 15 at 5pm
Grant recipients must offer resources or support in at least one of the following areas:
  • Assistance in Energy or Utility Bills
  • Food Security
  • Rent Stabilization
  • Health and Wellness
If you decide to apply, please let us know? We do not have control of the process. East Bay Clean Power Alliance advocated for and won a Local Development Business Plan—our local "Green New Deal" policies and will weigh in on the process so that we may have equitable programs and community benefits. The Community Innovation Grant is just one of the Local Development Business Plan incentives for our community. 

✔ What you should know about your utilities during Covid-19 Shutdown:
East Bay Community Energy has suspended all collections of delinquent electricity accounts until May and the California Public Utilities Commission has issued a moratorium on disconnections of utilities and communications during this Covid19 crisis.  What is unclear and where we need to collectively advocate is that our communities are not inundated with debt once these moratoriums are lifted and things go back to business as usual.  In addition, this crisis is being used as an opportunity for fast-tracking harmful decisions.  We are seeing this at the state level with Governor Newsom and the PG&E Bailout, with EBCE and the PG&E nuclear issue and we know that the onslaught on our most vulnerable communities will continue.  We need your help to fight back and win.
Do you have any questions? 
Contact Jessica Tovar jessica@localcleanenergy.org or Ceyda Durmaz Dogan ceyda@localcleanenergy.org
Even in a crisis, we must fight to win—Clean Power to the People,
Jessica Tovar