No Nukes EBCE April 22 - 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

(04/2020) On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, will you stand up for the planet, and people? East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) and other community choice programs are deliberating over PG&E's offer of nuclear-generated electricity from the Diablo Canyon reactor —under the guise that it's carbon-free and at "no cost."

The EBCE board will vote on April 22—EARTH DAY—regarding whether or not to accept nuclear for the next 5 YEARS...the remaining life of Diablo Canyon. Oakland Council member Dan Kalb, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, and a few others on the EBCE board are reportedly against nukes. However, it's definitely not a slam dunk, some EBCE board members, like Al Mendall of Hayward— have already voiced their support for the nuclear deal.
Here are some Earth Day Actions to fight PG&E’s nuclear energy and their supporters at EBCE:
1. Oppose nuclear and write or call your EBCE representative. Here is a list of board members along with their public contact info. If any of your pals are anti-nuclear, would you also encourage them to do the same? Please be sure to cc our community organizer at
2. Please speak against the nuclear proposal at the upcoming meeting by signing up in advance of the board meeting here on the official EBCE public comment signup; despite the pandemic lockdown, all meetings are still accessible online. See below for meeting details.
WHAT: East Bay Community Energy Board of Directors Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, April 22 at 5pm 
Be sure to sign up to speak at the board meeting before Wednesday April 22 at 4:30pm. (You don't have to write your comment while filling out the form, you can just write "I'll speak at the meeting".) When your name is called during the meeting, hit the “raise hand” button and the unmute button (looks like a microphone) on your Zoom screen to begin to speak.
The item on the East Bay Community Energy board meeting where we need to weigh in are these:
Item #11: We oppose this discriminatory proposal to add nuclear energy into EBCE Bright Choice offering. Putting nuclear energy into the affordable option demonstrates discrimination against people who struggle to pay their electricity rates. We support East Bay Clean Power Alliance’s call to not take nuclear energy nor adopt systemic classism and environmental racism in their program.
Process issue to note for your information: This is a last minute (biased) item that should not be voted on tonight, instead should be only a discussion item.
Item #12: Keep East Bay Community Energy nuclear free!  Nuclear energy is a false solution to climate change. We have the “power to choose” clean energy to power the East Bay and East Bay Community Energy must do better than PG&E! We support East Bay Clean Power Alliance’s call to reject PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear energy into our Community Choice program.
Process issue to note for your information/comments: Nuclear has been discussed since October 2019 without full disclosure on the scope of this issue. EBCE staff have mislead the community and board members by making claims that the nuclear energy offer from PG&E is free.
Keep East Bay Community Energy nuclear free! Clean Power to the People!
Jessica Tovar and the Local Clean Energy Alliance anti-nuke dream team <3