Alameda County is officially powered by East Bay Community Energy

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is now the official electricity provider for Alameda County*, soon serving over 1.5 million people! EBCE joins the ranks of nearly 20 public, non-profit Community Choice energy agencies now serving residents and businesses across California.
Thanks to years of organizing by the East Bay Clean Power Alliance, a project of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, EBCE is the only Community Choice energy agency to launch with a genuine roadmap to ensuring community benefits through developing local clean energy resources: the Local Development Business Plan.
EBCE launched for residential customers on November 1st, following the launch for municipal and commercial customers in June.
*Note: EBCE serves all residents and businesses in Alameda County, excluding the cities of Alameda, Pleasanton, and Newark.
Join us November 15th for a Clean Power to the People Workshop
The Local Clean Energy Alliance is now gearing up curriculum for further advocacy on Early Actions identified in the Local Development Business Plan with a “Clean Power to the People workshop” on Nov 15:
WHAT: Clean Power to the People - Phase 3: Implementation & Budgets for Local Clean Energy
WHEN: Thursday, November 15 at 12:30-2:30pm (with lunch), more details + RSVP here.
WHERE: 1200 Harrison in Downtown Oakland, off 12th Street Oakland BART
Join us to learn more about opportunities for Community Shared Solar, a Community Investment Fund, Community Net Energy Metering, and more. We will prioritize projects and programs that have the potential to bring clean energy benefits to low-income communities, people of color and all household-residential ratepayers--communities traditionally shut out of the clean energy economy.