New Book Club about East Bay’s Own Local Green New Deal!

Please join us for the upcoming meeting of the Local Clean Energy Alliance's Book Club! We will be focusing on the Local Development Business Plan—East Bay's Own Local Green New Deal—as developed by the Local Clean Energy Alliance! We will cover pages 1 - 14 in our first meeting on October 8. Interested in joining, but missed it? contact us at
LCEA’s ten-year community organizing and advocacy effort to create a Community Choice energy program* in the East Bay that could address the environmental, economic, and social justice needs of East Bay communities resulted in the establishment of East Bay Community Energy in 2017.
On July 18, 2018, the Board of East Bay Community Energy adopted—after a more than year-long effort by the LCEA to support and assure its completion—a groundbreaking plan for local clean energy development in the East Bay.
The Local Development Business Plan (LDBP), as it is called, is a roadmap for providing local clean energy benefits in the East Bay by investing in the development of local renewable energy resources. The Plan spells out actions and strategies for promoting local clean energy such as solar, wind, energy efficiency, and energy storage projects. These projects help address the environmental, economic, and social justice needs of the East Bay community.
* Community Choice energy enables cities and counties to choose where the electricity will come from for their homes and businesses. Local communities can decide to get their electricity from renewable energy sources: either by purchasing renewable electricity on the market, or even better, by developing local renewable energy resources in the community. The incumbent monopoly utility company (such as PG&E) continues to deliver electricity and service customers.
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