Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference II Program



Morning Keynote –
Is Our Energy System Broken?

Mark Toney, The Utility Reform Network (TURN)





Morning Plenary Session – What is a Community-Based Decentralized Energy System?

Morning Breakout Sessions:
Energy and Community

A. Emerging Local Clean Energy Technology Systems - Explore issues regarding emerging energy technologies and how they can be integrated into renewable energy secure communities.

B. Energy Democracy: Community Development Energy Models - Explore different community-based ownership models for energy efficiency and electricity generation and their impact on economic equity.
  • Rafael Aguilera, Verde Group
  • Wade Hughes, SMUD
  • Shawn Marshall, Marin Energy Authority, LEAN Energy US
  • Sky Stanfield, Keys and Fox, LLP

C. Community Resilience and Adaptation - Explore efforts to reduce energy consumption and build community self-sufficiency.
  • Aaron Lehmer, Bay Localize
  • Kurt Malchow, PIERS
  • Eyal Matalon, Pacific Institute
  • Carla Perez, Movement Generation


D. Economic Development and Clean Energy Jobs - Explore businesses and labor interests in promoting local clean energy economic development.

  • Joshua Arce, Brightline Institute
  • Yang-Yang Chen, Build it Green
  • Erik Emblem, Western States Council of Sheetmetal Workers

  • Dahlia Moodie, Energy Conservation Options
  • Danny Kennedy,Sungevity

Regional Agency

Perspectives and Initiatives

Afternoon Keynote –
Local Clean Energy at a Crossroads

Angelina Galiteva, World Council for Renewable Energy, Renewables 100


Afternoon Plenary Session -

Making Community Power Happen

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:
Policies and Programs

A. Reducing Total Energy Demand - Explore programs and campaigns for reducing overall energy consumption, and efforts to finance and administer energy efficiency retrofits.

B. Polices For Promoting Local Clean Energy - Explore policies for promoting decentralized renewable energy.
  • Rory Cox, Pacific Environment
  • Andreas Cluver, Alameda Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition
  • Ray Pingle, Sierra Club California, Energy Climate Committee

C. Community Choice as a Community Development Model - Explore the state of Community Choice programs in California and how to defend and expand them.
  • Mike Campbell, SF Public Utility Commission
  • Woody Hastings, Climate Protection Campaign
  • Shawn Marshall, Marin Energy Authority, LEAN Energy US
  • Colin Miller, Urban Habitat


D. Local Organizing for Local Power - Explore local organizing efforts regarding local clean energy development.

  • Reem El-Rifai, Allen Temple Baptist Church
  • Emily Kirsch, Ella Baker Center
  • Daniela Lapidous, Harker Upper School
  • Megan Matson, Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust (MMOB), LEAN Energy US