Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference 2015 Program & Videos


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Click on the video links below for full sessions and/or individual speakers. Click here for the full playlist. Check out Envisioning Energy Democracy for a five-minute video capturing conference highlights.

Conference Program

Opening Introductory remarks to set the stage

  • Al Weinrub, Coordinator, Local Clean Energy Alliance

Morning Keynote and Panel Response: Local Clean Energy Matters [Video]
How is community-based, decentralized energy key to community empowerment and building healthy, equitable and sustainable communities?

Keynote Speaker: Nikki Silvestri, Social Innovation Strategist [Video]

  • Moderator: Kirsten Andrews-Schwind, Bay Localize
  • Cecilia Martinez, Center for Earth, Energy, and Democracy [Video]
  • Robbie Clark, Causa Justa::Just Cause [Video]
  • Andrés Soto, Communities for a Better Environment [Video]

Energy Initiatives Promoting Resilient Communities
Breakout sessions on initiatives in the Bay Area and elsewhere that confront fossil fuels and/or point the way forward for local clean energy.

Breakout Session 1: Fighting Fossil Fuels 

  • Moderator: Barbara Stebbins, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Lora Jo Foo, 350 Bay Area
  • Ratha Lai, Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Megan Zapanta, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Pennie Opal Plant, Idle No More
  • Jane Vosburg, Fossil Free California

Breakout Session 2: Community Choice Energy Initiatives [Video]

  • Moderator: Woody Hastings, Center for Climate Protection
  • Erica Etelson, East Bay Clean Power Alliance
  • Eric Veium, San Luis Obispo Clean Energy
  • Jess Dervin-Ackerman, CleanPowerSF advocates
  • Nicole Capretz, Climate Action Campaign, San Diego

Breakout Session 3: Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Grids

  • Moderator: Jim Lutz, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Chris Woolery, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development
  • Enrique Gallardo, Clean Coalition Community Microgrid Initiative
  • Dori Estrella, Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

Breakout Session 4: Community Solar 

  • Moderator: Rosana Francescato, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Andreas Karelas, RE-volv
  • Anya Schoolman, Community Power Network
  • Lynn Benander, Co-op Power
  • Ashoka Finley, Energy Solidarity Cooperative

Afternoon Keynote and Panel Response: Organizing to Democratize Energy [Video]
What will it take to build a movement to democratize energy in the U.S.?

Keynote Speaker: Denise Fairchild, President and CEO of Emerald Cities Collaborative [Video]

  • Moderator: Anthony Giancatarino, Center for Social Inclusion
  • Vivian Huang, Asian Pacific Environmental Network [Video]
  • Strela Cervas, California Environmental Justice Alliance [Video]
  • Sean Sweeney, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy [Video]

Building Our Political Constituency
Workshops on building political clout by sector: community, government, business, labor

Breakout Session 1: Community
Facilitator: Rosa Gonzalez, Facilitating Power

Breakout Session 2: Government
Facilitator: Michelle Myers, Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter

Breakout Session 3: Labor
Facilitator: Brooke Anderson, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project

Breakout Session 4: Business
Facilitator: Barry Vesser, Center for Climate Protection

Panel: Energy Democracy and the New Economy [Video]
How the distributed nature of renewable energy can be leveraged to stimulate a regenerative, sustainable and equitable economy.

  • Moderator: Al Weinrub, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Linda Barrera, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Mike Sandmel, New Economy Coalition
  • Jihan Gearon, Black Mesa Water Coalition