The A to Z of Community Choice Energy

East Bay Community Choice Energy:
From Concept to Implementation

by Al Weinrub and Seth Baruch

This study, which covers the A to Z of Community Choice energy was prepared to educate policymakers and other stakeholders about the potential for a Community Choice energy program in the East Bay. However it has broad appliction to any region where Community Choice is being considered.

The study examines the potential benefits of creating an Community Choice energy program: local renewables development, new community investments, job creation, greenhouse gas reductions, and lower energy bills. It explores what such a program can do and describes the process of establishing it. In addition, the study presents a sample East Bay resource development scenario, showing its impact (on jobs creation, bill savings, and greenhouse gas reductions), including the estimated investment and potential revenues of such a program. The study addresses potential risks of establishing a Community Choice program and how those risks can be mitigated.

The study was prepared by the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition, Community Choice Working Group, in collaboration with the Oakland Climate Action Coalition, Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign.

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