Local Clean Energy

Our Vision

The Local Clean Energy Alliance envisions a future Bay Area that consumes significantly less energy yet still maintains a comfortable lifestyle and a vibrant economy. Residents actively and consciously reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by making their homes more energy efficient, installing solar power, using alternatives to driving, and conserving and capturing water. Cities are less dependent on fossil fuels. Residents consume less energy on transportation because their cities have been configured around local and regional electrified transit systems. All development is governed by strict land use and transportation planning that requires development to be transit-oriented.

We envision a future for the Bay Area that is largely powered by renewable energy, with the majority coming from local, distributed generation that provides affordable, reliable, and clean power. The Bay Area is a clean energy leader, meeting the state-mandated 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions years, if not decades, before the rest of the state, providing a model for other regions and the rest of the country. We envision the Bay Area revitalizing and rebuilding its communities around public gathering places, events, and locally owned businesses, all powered largely by local clean energy. All communities share a vibrant and equitable regional economy thanks to tens of thousands of green collar jobs created by energy efficiency, local energy generation, and local green businesses. Communities source their own power and cooperatively build their renewable power infrastructure.

This is our vision. The Local Clean Energy Alliance seeks partners who share our passion for renewable energy and community vitality and are willing to work for change. Join us in laying the groundwork for a sustainable energy future.

Our Goals

Our long-term goal is for the Bay Are to meet 100% of its future energy needs with a balanced mix of renewable energy, improvements in efficiency, and conservation. Our interim goal is 50% renewable energy by 2017. Additional goals are to:

  • Reduce energy use through conservation and improvements in energy efficiency
  • Maximize local renewable energy production
  • Offer stable and affordable rates for all
  • Create local business opportunities and green-collar jobs
  • Facilitate local businesses and residents' ability to sell excess energy to the grid
  • Ensure that the benefits of local clean energy accrue to all communities

Our policy platform which includes Community Choice Energy as a key opportunity is the safest and most cost-effective way for the Bay Area to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy, and create green jobs.