Videos on Energy Democracy

Energy is Like WHOA!, July 2018 (2minutes)
A brief video about the significance of energy dmocracy as representing a new energy model: where energy is a community resource rather than a commodity. Learn more at the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Clean Power, Healthy Communities 2017: Recap Energy Democracy Book Release Celebration, November 2017 (3 minutes)
Highlights of the celebration of the Local Clean Energy Alliance's 10-year anniversary and release of Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions, a collaborative book project that captures the historical and conceptual framework, as well as the underlying values and principles of the emerging energy democracy movement, as told by its leaders.

Clean Power, Healthy Communities 2017: Conference Recap, November 2017 (3 minutes)
Highlights of the November 17, 2017 day-long conference with the theme, "Bringing Energy to the Movement for Justice." Consisted of panels on energy democracy in relation to the national climate movement and community-based initiatives, followed by breakout sessions on strategies and benefits of local control and ownership of clean energy resources.

The Community-Owned Renewable Energy Puzzle, October 2016 (6 minutes)
Community-owned energy is critical to a just and equitable transition to renewables, but there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of making it work. Learn more at the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

CommonBound 2016: What Do We Mean by Energy Democracy?, July 2016 (75 minutes)
Leading off a ten-session track on Democratizing Energy at the New Economy Coalition's CommonBound 2016 Conference, this session features Denise Fairchild (Emerald Cities Collaborative), Clarke Gocker (PUSH Buffalo), and Miya Yoshitani (Asian Pacific Environmental Network) drawing out the vision and political framework of Energy Democracy and what it means in their respective communities and organizing work. Al Weinrub (Local Clean Energy Alliance) moderated.

The Struggle for a More Democratized Energy System,
June 2016 (90 minutes)
A panel featuring Al Weinrub (Local Clean Energy Alliance), Jessica
Azulay (Alliance for a Green Economy), John Farrell (Institute for Local Self-Reliance), Timothy Den-Herder Thomas (Cooperative Energy Futures), and Kassie Rohrbach (Sierra Club) share examples of the struggle to democratize energy, and explore how the policies and regulation of the electricity system must change to enhance the prospects for a more democratic and equitable energy future.

Naomi Klein, Jeremy Corbyn, and TUED at the Paris Climate Talks, December 2015 (17 minutes)
Excerpts from a forum in Paris on December 7 that attracted a capacity crowd of 700 trade unionists and allies. The panel featured writer and activist Naomi Klein and UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, and incluced trade leaders from a number of countries, who are involved in Trade Unions for Energy Democracy.  The speakers addressed energy democracy, climate jobs, and the need for a transition that is both just and transformative.

What is Energy Democracy and Why Does it Matter,
November 2015 (90 minutes)
The compelling November 12 national webinar introducing the Energy Democracy Project and featuring Denise Fairchild (Emerald Cities Collaborative), Miya Yoshitani (Asian Pacific Environmental Network),
and Meghan Zaldivar (PUSH Buffalo), who share their perspectives on building a powerful movement to democratize energy in this country.

Envisioning Energy Democracy, June 2015  (5 minutes)
Highlights of the Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference,
March 5, 2015.  Clean energy leaders from across the U.S. speak about
the powerful perspectives and strategies that frame their efforts to democratize energy in their communities.

Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference Program and Videos, March 2015.
Clean energy leaders from across the U.S. gathered in Oakland, California to discuss how to organize and strengthen the movement to build decentralized, community-based energy resources that empowers our communities. The diverse set of speakers, over half of whom were women and people of color, provided for inspiring deliberations on how to organize for energy democracy.

This is what energy democracy looks like
February 2015 (5 minute animation)
With climate change looming, we are facing an energy emergency.
How can unions fight for change? This animated video explains the
nature of the energy system that has come to threaten life on the
planet and how that system must change in the future.


Community Choice, Community Power,
November 2014 (3 minutes)
Shot at various events in 2014, this video showcases the grassroots movement in the East San Francisco Bay to democratize energy. It shows how a growing movement is working to bring Community Choice energy and community power to the East Bay and to California!