Carbon-Free Power at No Charge. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Jean Tepperman - East Bay Express, February 5, 2020

Last fall, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. made an offer that sounded hard to refuse. It would give its main rivals — community choice electricity programs, including Alameda County's East Bay Community Energy — millions of dollars a year worth of carbon-free electricity at no charge. But there was a catch. Most of that free electricity would come from California's last remaining nuclear reactor, PG&E's aging, earthquake-vulnerable Diablo Canyon power plant in San Luis Obispo County.

Keep EBCE Nuke-Free--Close Diablo Canyon now!

The Board of Directors at East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), our public electrical service agency, is considering adding nuclear energy to our resource mix. At their meeting on December 18, 2019, over 20 community members from at least 10 different organizations, with almost no notice, came to the meeting to express strong opposition to including nuclear in EBCE’s mix and shock that a proposal was even being considered.

Clean Power to the People: From Wildfires to Community Ownership of Energy

Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA) held a Clean Power to the People gathering December 10, 2019 at APEN’s office on 1200 Harrison St. The goal was to update allied organizations on Local Clean Energy Alliance’s plans for 2020 and get feedback from participants.

East Bay Community Energy to consider Nuclear Energy from PG&E?

As you know the Local Clean Energy Alliance is committed to advancing true, local clean energy resources and environmental justice.  “Carbon free” resources unfortunately mean Large Hydro Electric and/or Nuclear energy, neither of which are community or environmentally friendly. Learn more about Principles of Environmental Justice


On December 18, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) will consider accepting “carbon free” energy from PG&E.  This proposal is 30% Hydro Electric and 70% Nuclear Energy. At the moment there is no nuclear in East Bay Community Energy’s power mix and many of us who advocated for Community Choice explicitly intended to have a “nuclear free” program.  


Of course it’s complicated...

New Book Club about East Bay’s Own Local Green New Deal!

Please join us for the upcoming meeting of the Local Clean Energy Alliance's Book Club! We will be focusing on the Local Development Business Plan—East Bay's Own Local Green New Deal—as developed by the Local Clean Energy Alliance! We will cover pages 1 - 14 in our first meeting on October 8. Interested in joining, but missed it?

LCEA Action at PG&E for the Climate Strike

On September 20th, tens of thousands of youth activists and adult allies marched through downtown San Francisco as part of the Climate Strike Week of Action, making a series of stops at relevant locations along the way.  Marchers started at the Federal Building, where they urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi to embrace climate action and a Green New Deal, continuing on to Bank of America, Senator Feinstein’s office, Amazon Go, BlackRock

Recap from the Local Clean Energy Alliance Annual Picnic

It was one of the best LCEA BBQ picnics! On September 15, over 50 of our friends and allies came out for a great Local Clean Energy Alliance picnic.

State Shores Up PG&E in Wake of Wildfires, But Second Bailout Bill Stalls

The 2019 California legislative session was marked by desperate moves backed by Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to bail out PG&E and the other monopoly utilities, while undermining Community Choice energy programs.  However, there is some good news as a second bailout bill fails to move forward in 2019.

Take Further Action to Protect Community Choice

There are still 4 bills remaining in the California Legislature that would harm Community Choice, AB1584, SB155 SB520 and SB676. Each of these bills erodes Community Choice autonomy, and threatens the success of these programs. There are only two weeks remaining in the 2019 legislative session to defeat them. The California Alliance for Community asks you to call your state representatives and urge them to oppose these four bills.

PG&E Rates Hearings should not fall on Deaf Ears (CPUC)

PG&E is touting its audacity by proposing to raise rates of electricity and gas, in addition to wildfire bailout fees that threaten ratepayers with higher utility bills. 

This rate hike could be as much as $20 more per month for residential customers, and the East Bay community came out to say, “No!” The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) began holding public hearings in different cities, which originally began on July 9 in San Francisco, where the new CEO William D. Johnson spoke on behalf of the negligent company. 


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