Big Action This Week: Help us stop the PG&E Wall St. Deal!

(05/2020) Governor Newsom's PGE plan is moving forward- and unless we stand up to it, we'll leave our energy, our health and our safety in the hands of Wall St., and not in the hands of the people.
LCEA and the Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign is fighting to shape a better solution to PGE's bankruptcy - one that would protect wildfire survivors, rein in PGE's Wall St. tricks, and lay the groundwork for a safe, reliable, renewable energy system.

East Bay Community Energy Rejects Nuclear Deal: Victory for East Bay Clean Power Alliance

(05/2020) On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, The governing board of East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), the public energy services provider for Alameda County cities, voted 10-5 to keep PG&E’s dangerous Diablo Canyon nuclear energy out of EBCE’s 2020 power mix. 
The vote represented a big victory for the East Bay Clean Power Alliance, which mobilized community opposition to a scheme by which PB&E intended to dump nuclear power on EBCE, an agency set up to develop local renewable energy to benefit East Bay community residents and businesses. “Buying nuclear power from PG&E was the last thing on anyone’s mind when we created EBCE in 2017” said Jessica Tovar, Coordinator of the Alliance. “It was outrageous that we should have to fight this battle in 2020.”

Thursday, May 28: LCEA Book Club

(05/2020) Please join us for the fifth meeting of the Local Clean Energy Alliance's Book Club: East Bay Green New Deal! We will be focusing on the Local Development Business Plan—East Bay's Own Local Green New Deal. For our fifth meeting, we'll cover Section 2: Supporting Resources, Policies and Strategies. 

No Nukes EBCE April 22 - 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

(04/2020) On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, will you stand up for the planet, and people? East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) and other community choice programs are deliberating over PG&E's offer of nuclear-generated electricity from the Diablo Canyon reactor —under the guise that it's carbon-free and at "no cost."

Let’s Keep East Bay Community Energy Nuclear Free!

(04/2020) The East Bay Clean Power Alliance has worked hard to advocate for the establishment of policies and the implementation of a local Green New Deal through East Bay Community Energy.  Community Choice energy programs alone do not represent our most vulnerable and most fierce community organizing on the ground—we advocate and organize for East Bay Community Energy to do better.  Of course, we cannot continue to do this alone—we have been winning, but at this moment, we also have a lot to lose.

Help us stop the PG&E Wall St. Deal!

(04/2020) Governor Newsom recently approved the reorganization plan PG&E has put forth to exit bankruptcy court.  The proposed plan not only fails to meet the needs of our communities by selling out wildfire victims and bailing out PG&E shareholders, it also falls short of the standards the Governor himself had outlined only recently to ensure a utility that can address wildfire safety. 

Demand a Nuclear Free East Bay Community Choice Program!

(03/2020) We need Community Clean Energy not False Solutions to Climate Change! Join us at the next East Bay Community Energy Board meeting on Wednesday, March 18 to tell our city representatives that we demand they reject PG&E’s nuclear offer! East Bay Clean Power Alliance advocated for a Community Choice program as a path to a clean energy future we need for our communities. Nuclear being pitched as, “carbon free energy” to fight climate change is a false solution.  This is how investor owned utilities (like PG&E) bamboozle true clean energy efforts.

Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign officially launched!

(03/2020) On February 12th, the LCEA-anchored Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign held a launch event at the Greenlining Institute in Oakland, CA.  The campaign had begun to come together with the hiring of staff starting in August 2019 and the first leadership team meeting in October 2019, but this launch was the first opportunity for members of leadership and endorsing organizations to come together to get to know one-another and begin to really feel the power of the campaign.

What Happened Since the Energy Democracy National Tour?

(03/2020) Did you think the Energy Democracy National Tour ended with 2018? Think again! As an outgrowth of the publication of Energy Democracy book in 2017 and the organizing of the Energy Democracy National Tour in 2018, LCEA brought together 36 organizations for a Strategic Convening on Energy Democracy in 2019 to leverage the accomplishments of the Tour to move this collective effort forward. This national gathering emphasized the centrality of race to energy issues and the goal of empowering our communities through energy democracy.

Urge EBCE's Board of Directors to Reject PG&E's Offer of Nuclear Energy

Alameda County's own public electricity agency, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is considering accepting PG&E's dangerous nuclear energy into its power mix. Community Choice programs in California were created to give the public the power to choose where their electricity comes from and what kind of energy it is (under California Assembly Bill 117 in 2002).


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