Newly Released: People’s Utility Justice Playbook

(10/2021) Utilities have their playbook; it’s time we had our own. 

As utilities like PG&E increasingly fail to protect us in the face of climate change. They also impose rate hikes, undermine Community Choice energy, and attack rooftop solar. We need to expose their tactics and build our organizing strength—to not only fight back but to take the offensive. Just as the Reclaim Our Power: Utility Justice Campaign is doing here in Northern California.

Are you Passionate about Advancing Local Clean Energy? Join the EBCE Staff!

(10/2021) East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) has four job openings including the Program Manager, Resilience. The application deadline is 5pm on Friday, November 5.

Reclaim Our Power Campaign was invited to the Daybreak Podcast

(09/2021) Shaina Nanavati, research organizer for Reclaim Our Power, was recently interviewed on the Daybreak podcast with Jackie Fielder. Host Jackie Fielder asks how PG&E caused the 2017 and 2018 fires, whether wildfire victims have been adequately compensated (spoiler: no), and what a just alternative to (potentially a takeover of) PG&E looks like.

Equity in Clean Energy: Two New Programs

(09/2021) As you know, the East Bay Clean Power Alliance have been advocates for equity in clean energy for years.  We have been spreading the word on emerging programs & projects coming out of East Bay Community Energy that are beneficial to community members that have been systematically shut out of the clean energy economy.  If you have not heard already, there are two really great programs being launched now; the Medical Baseline Battery Program and also a community solar access program called Community Solar Green Tariff (CSGT).  

Thursday: Take Action to Reject PG&E's Wildfire Mitigation Plan! 

(09/2021) For years, PG&E's deadly failures have been facilitated by decision makers quietly approving the utilities plans and hoping that the corporate behemoth will keep its promises. For years, PG&E has responded by burning down our communities, shutting off our power- and charging us for it in the process. 
On Thursday, they're banking on getting another pass on their Wildfire Mitigation Plan, and continuing with the status quo- which our communities will not survive. 

Revolutionary Power: Reflections from the Book Club

(09/2021) The Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign (ROP) had the opportunity to celebrate, and grow from, the wisdom of one of our heroes this summer. Over three sessions, members of the campaign read, debated, and integrated the brilliance from Revolutionary Power, a book authored by Shalanda Baker, co-founder of Initiative for Energy Justice and the first ever Deputy Director for Energy Justice in the Biden administration. 
We asked the convenors of the ROP book club: "How do the lessons from Revolutionary Power inform your work for a just energy system?"

#BuryPG&E- Check out our Op-Ed in the San Jose Mercury News!

(08/2021) Just days after PG&E started the Dixie Fire which has now grown to the size of Rhode Island, they pulled what is a pretty typical move for the criminal utility: distract, propose false solutions, and build a path to ensure profit for shareholders.

Dixie Fire: Demand The CPUC Cancel PG&E's License to Burn

(08/2021) It's now been over a month since PG&E likely caused the Dixie Fire, and the fire is still expanding, engulfing whole towns, filling the air across the state and country with smoke, and reminding us all that we need a different energy system, and we need it now. 

Clean Power to the People—Upcoming programs and projects by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)

(08/2021) Join us to learn about the East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) emerging programs/projects that our communities & organizations could benefit from. We'll share the Zoom link with you after you register to attend.
WHEN: Thursday, August 26, 6pm-7:30pm Pacific Time
WHERE: Online, Zoom

Take Action: Dixie Fire: It's Time to #BuryPGE

(07/2021) It's happening again. PG&E negligence has caused the Dixie Fire, quickly becoming one of the largest fires in California history. Just months after the CPUC passed the criminal corporation's Safety Certificate, yet another fire is endangering lives, lungs, and livelihoods.


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