Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference 2013 Program, Videos & Presentations

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Opening Introductory remarks to set the stage

  • Al Weinrub, Coordinator, Local Clean Energy Alliance

Plenary: What’s at Stake and What’s Possible for Bay Area Communities [Video]
Why local, decentralized energy systems are key to greenhouse gas reductions, economic vitality, jobs, resilience, and healthy communities.

  • Moderator: Kirsten Schwind, Program Director, Bay Localize
  • Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project
  • Mia Yoshitani, Associate Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network 
  • David de la Torre, Secretary/Treasurer, Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 261 [Presentation]
  • Annie Loya, Executive Director, Youth United for Community Action  [Presentation]

Bay Area Energy Initiatives
Breakout sessions on initiatives in the Bay Area that confront fossil fuels and that point the way forward for local clean energy.

Breakout Session 1: Movements Opposing Fossil Fuels [Video]

  • Moderator: Mari Rose Taruc, Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity and State Organizing Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network [Presentation]
  • Zen Trenholm, Development Chair, California Student Sustainability Coalition  [Presentation]
  • Rose Braz, Climate Campaign Director, Center for Biological Diversity [Presentation]
  • Andrés Soto, Richmond Community Organizer, Communities for a Better Environment

Breakout Session 2: Community Solar [Video]

  • Moderator: Linda Barrera, Community Renewable Energy Program Director, Sustainable Economies Law Center [Presentation]
  • Andreas Karelas, Executive Director, RE-volv [Presentation]
  • Shiva Patel, Co-founder, Energy Solidarity Cooperative [Presentation]
  • Lela Turner, Graduate, Solar Richmond; Worker Owner, Pamoja Energy Solutions Cooperative

Breakout Session 3: Energy Efficiency [Video]

  • Moderator: Chris Cone, Membership and Policy Manager, Efficiency First California
  • Cal Broomhead, Energy Programs Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment
  • Tara Marchant, Director, Emerald Cities Collaborative, Oakland [Presentation]
  • Miya Kitahara, Multifamily Outreach, [Presentation]

Breakout Session 4: Community Choice Energy Programs [Video Forthcoming]

  • Moderator: Larry Chang, Steering Committee, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Implementation Manager, Climate Protection Campaign [Presentation]
  • Kim Malcolm, Director, CleanPowerSF [Presentation]
  • Bill Powers, San Diego Energy District Foundation [Presentation]
  • Barbara Stebbins, Steering Committee, Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign [Presentation]

Keynote Address: Tom Steyer on the Political Challenge and How to Address It [Video]
Climate policy mover and shaker Tom Steyer discusses lessons learned on the front lines of state-wide and national energy advocacy and their application to building the local clean energy movement.

Plenary: Organizing to Democratize Energy [Video]
Representatives of game-changing energy campaigns/initiatives explore political strategy and organizing models.

  • Moderator: Nile Malloy, No. California Program Director, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Allen Hernandez, Organizer, Sierra Club My Generation Campaign [Video]
  • Susannah Churchill, California Policy Advocate, Vote Solar
  • Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Implementation Manager, Climate Protection Campaign [Presentation Forthcoming]
  • Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Climate Justice Alliance, Our Power Campaign [Presentation]

Building Our Political Constituency
Workshops on building political clout by sector.

Workshop Session 1: Community [Video]

  • Rosa Gonzalez, Director of Programs, Alliance for Climate Education [Handout]

Workshop Session 2: Government [Video]

  • Jess Dervin-Ackerman, Conservation Organizer, Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter [Presentation]
  • Shawn Marshall, Executive Director, LEAN Energy US

Workshop Session 3: Business [Video]

  • Danny Kennedy, President, Sungevity
  • Barry Vesser, Deputy Director, Climate Protection Campaign

Workshop Session 4: Labor [Video Forthcoming]

  • Brooke Anderson, Labor Fellow, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project 
  • Jack Buckhorn, Business Manager, Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 551

Finding Solutions to the Financing Challenge [Video]
Bay Area financial analysts and advocates explore approaches to overcoming obstacles to financing the development of local renewable energy resources.

  • Moderator: Al Weinrub, Coordinator, Local Clean Energy Alliance
  • Angelica Banks, Chief Operating Officer, Cutting Edge Capital [Presentation] [Video]
  • Darwin Bond-Graham, economic analyst and journalist
  • Strela Cervas, Co-Coordinator, California Environmental Justice Alliance [Presentation Forthcoming]
  • Rachel Neil, Energy Policy Fellow, Environmental Defense Fund [Presentation]